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Dr. Michelle Farnoush


Born and raised in Canada, my parents immigrated as refugees, and instilled the importance of a strong and genuine work ethic, perseverance, grit and a lifelong passion for learning.

Having played the violin since the age of 6, my creative mind was exposed to classical and theatrical arts. I studied Kinesiology and Physiology in my undergraduate studies, and went on to complete two Graduate degrees in Business and Human Nutrition before settling in Las Vegas, NV in 2011. I am a strong believer that the mouth is the mirror to the body, and bisecting aspects of nutrition and whole body health with functional dentistry allows me to apply evidence-based good practices to each client’s unique needs to truly change people’s lives. 

Healthcare and technology are adapting and improving everyday. I have always loved staying ahead of the curve with new technology. Following dental school, I've attended education programs and kept mentorships with the field’s leading experts, using these efficient systems to integrate better clinical outcomes. Dr. Olson and I crossed paths through one of our advanced post-graduate training curriculum networks. Through a systems based approach, my team and I are able to continue to provide top-of-the-line comprehensive care, and grow the practice mission that modern dentistry cannot only make you look amazing, but truly has a profound effect on your overall health. 

Your smile is powerful: it's how you express a range of emotions and share your confidence with the world. My team and I have built a reputation based on thorough, evidence-based clinical recommendations, state of the art technology and a genuine, caring environment of integrity to help you build that confidence so you can share the best version of yourself with those around you. 

We look forward to taking care of you!






Dr. Mark Olson

I studied art and biology at UCSB and dentistry allows me to draw from both everyday. Growing up with a father who was a dentist taught me very early on that dentistry is so much more than teeth...we can truly change people's lives.

I love technology and I also love people. I'm fascinated by the power of a smile and love nothing more than helping people discover their best selves when they share that smile with the world.

Modern dentistry is my passion and I would love to help you in any way I can.


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